Poetry – May 2015

A Birthday Wish – May 2015
Years ago a bud formed,
The leaves peeled back and a flower blossomed,
Each day it grew more lovely,
Birds sung and bees danced,
We celebrate the day your bud formed,
Singing and dancing.

A Pebble in My Love
Throw a pebble in my love,
Trace the ripples to the shore,
Spin a rock across the surface,
Skipping to be swallowed whole,
Plunge a boulder to the depths,
Mountain peak and valley furrow,
Falls to sea from refreshing streams,
My love is eternal.

Kiss the Dawn
Swaddled in the quiet cool,
Before the first drawn breath,
I hear the purple silence rose-en,
And turn on the pillow toward you,

Your eyelids crack,
Spreading the morning dust,
Across your rosy cheeks,
Turning golden with the light,

No blanket of clouds,
Feather thin or gathered gloom,
Mountain shower or cavern keep,
Can obscure your love,

I toast your golden setting,
Swell in the crisp of your heat,
Breathe in the moist dew,
Lean over and kiss the dawn.

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