The Author

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Rupert was a mischievous child getting into one sort of trouble or other, and to cover his tracks he became a storyteller. Initially, he told one whopper after another, but he soon came to understand you had to tell stories people would believe. Religion, the Army, and life in general taught him that people often prefer a good story to the truth.

After spending twenty years in government as a self-taught computer systems analyst, Rupert gave up the tedium of spending long-hours hunched over a computer in basements and dark rooms to re-discovered the joy of telling stories and spending long-hours hunched over a computer in libraries, coffee houses, restaurants, and bars. Strangely enough, he returned to the simple but complex joy of his youth, telling believable lies.

In his spare time he plays tennis, hikes in the hills, plays the drums (though the neighbors prefer his new digital drums to the acoustic kit he used to play), and sings in and around his home. You might find him watching a ball game in Phoenix in Spring or tasting wine throughout California in Fall. If you see him pounding the steering wheel or singing in his car, just roll the window up, or take a chance and roll the window down, he might be singing one of his favorites.

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